Nature’s Nutella – Avocado Chocolate Mousse

Avocado and raw chocWhat a week it has been for Nutella! The delicious Fererro Rocher stuffing has been in the news twice, firstly a judge overruled a girl’s parents naming her Nutella (interesting choice, would her little brother have been Sunpat, or maybe Manuka?).  The second was global acclaim in the form of #worldnutelladay.

Personally I find Nutella threatening, and cannot have it in the house as it bypasses all chances of being spread and instead appears momentarily between the jar, a spoon, and my face.  Dangerous.

Like most things, there has to be a better way of finding smooth and runny chocolate satisfaction, and it comes in the most unlikely of forms.  Avocado.  It’s thick and creamy, and has great fat content which I think lends itself well to chocolatey flavours.

This recipe can be served as a dessert mousse, topped with chopped hazelnuts, as a spread on toast, or as a deceptive foil for when you want your kids to eat more raw green things.

It’s easy, easy, easy, takes less than 5 minutes and super healthy, but you want to eat this more or less straightaway,  it’s not a ‘make ahead and keep for a day’ item.


Ingredients- serves 2

2 ripe avocados

2-3 teaspoons coco powder, taste as you go

3 teaspoons maple syrup


Scoop the flesh from the avocado, and blend, liquidise with the other ingredients.  Keep testing and tasting, until it’s sweet/rich enough.  Top with desiccated coconut, chopped hazelnuts, flaked almonds, little marshmallows, a shot of amaretto…oh naughty , I must stop.

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