Cleansing Fennel and Walnut Salad with Torn Chicken

After indulging this weekend, I’ll be cleaning up with this fresh little dish

Family Fork

We have just de-decorated, chopped up the Christmas tree and cleaned our home back to normal.  The twinkling lights, bright decorations and rich smelling fir tree all seemed to ignite and satisfy our senses in early December, and immerse us in festive feeling.  In the light of a new year and it’s aspirations and plans however, it felt like a cinnamon scented hangover.   Sweeping and mopping, tidying and clearing left us feeling fresher.

The same goes for what we consume.  Excess is often the order if the day, in volume and in variety.  Smoked salmon, cheeses, cured meats, wines and liqueurs, those which we might normally enjoy sporadically, and on their own, share table space at each gathering.  It’s an awful lot for a body to process, especially when it’s repeated, and not balanced with the yin to this yang- fresh and raw fruits and vegetables, good quality water…

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