Easter Eating: 5 Delicious Ways with Lamb

It will come as no surprise to learn that lamb is full of protein and iron, as many red meats are.  What you may not know however, is that it contains some fantastic vitamins and minerals and is super high in Omega-3s and 6s.  It’s also far easier to digest than beef.

  • Gram for gram, it contains about 50% of the Omega-3 that you would find in grilled tuna, making lamb an excellent protein for children or adults who don’t like fish, but want to keep their brains firing and their eyes shiny.
  • 100g of lamb contains over 100% of your RDA of Vitamin B12 which supports heart health and consistent metabolism.
  • You will find half of your daily selenium requirement in the same 100g of lamb, which is needed to help protect cell integrity and encourage cells to regenerate as they should (when cell regeneration goes haywire, disease is formed).

As with all meat, the more naturally it’s fed (in the case of lamb, you want grass fed), and the the higher welfare it is bred in, the better it is for you.  Buying higher quality higher welfare may mean that you eat less meat due to it’s higher cost, but it means you get more from your meat in nutritional value and less in contaminants.  In smaller quantities and higher nutrients is something that we can all work towards with regards to meat eating.   Always pick organic and free range where possible and even better, choose grass fed.

Easter is traditionally a time where lamb is eaten, and here I have compiled my top 5 ways to serve it.

1. Italian Stuffed Aubergines with Lamb.  Recipe here.

imageA delicious and nutritious alternative to lasagne.  A rich lamb ragu stuffed into roasted aubergine shells topped with crunchy breadcrumbs and cheese.

Lamb tagine in slow cooker2. Lamb and Apricot Tagine.  Recipe here.  A wonderful make ahead dish that will be enjoyed by everyone.  Dress it up with pretty couscous salads, a dollop of yogurt and interesting flatbreads.

3. Spit Roast Greek Lamb.  Recipe here.  Stunning Mediterranean flavours, Spit roasted Greek lambreally special when roasted over a spit on the BBQ, but equally tasty cooked in the oven.

Moroccan lamb meatballs4. Moroccan Lamb Meatballs.  Recipe here.  A fun and relaxed approach to eating lamb this Easter.  Pile into a pitta with salad and lots of little sharing plates.

5. Satay Feast with Lamb.  Recipe here.   Satay FeastThe Asian inspired marinade and accompanying sweet and savoury peanut sauce is beautiful with strips of lamb, for a special satay.

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