Simplest of salads- watercress, walnuts and goats cheese

It’s Saturday, and today I’m feeling like I want to be everyone…the gorgeous wife, slick in the kitchen and whipping up something elegant and stunning, but I also want to be slobbing in front of the tv, and in my joggers eating something yummy that has taken me two minutes to make, and I also want to be the person feeling healthy and running on a Sunday morning tomorrow.   This ticked all my boxes….lovely raw green watercress, crunchy mineral filled walnuts and creamy piquant goats cheese.  Three simple ingredients brought together and perfectly complimented by an utterly fabulous dressing.

Simple Saturdays

Simple Saturdays

Ingredients (Serves 2)

75-100g watercress, washed

Handful of walnuts

100-150g of soft goats cheese, I use Coeur de Lion

2 tblspn good virgin olive or avocado oil

1 tblspn white wine vinegar

1 tblspn agave nectar (or honey)


Pre heat your oven to a high heat, 250 degrees c works for me.  Slice the goats cheese into 1/2 cm think pieces, and line up on a price of baking parchment or foil.  When the oven is hot, bake these until golden, for 10-15 minutes.

Let the cheese sit on a piece of kitchen towel to absorb some of the fat while you prepare the salad.  Mix the liquid ingredients well for the dressing, and toss through the watercress before diving on the plates.  Top with walnuts and the cheese, and feel super smug in less than 20 minutes of not very hard graft.

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